Website Updated in 2019

As of January 2019, Forankra Pritchard has updated its website to the international Forankra template.  Following lengthy discussions, it was decided to ensure good synergy of the brand and the customer journey on our websites by using the same software where possible.”Being the UK’s official distributor of Forankra products. It made logical sense to ensure […]

Forankra Pritchard gets social

Forankra Pritchard has set up its Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter accounts. Start following to find out about, our people, industry, tips, guides and more.

Pritchard Tyrite become a part of Certex (UK)

Best known for its range of lashings, curtain-sided straps and tarpaulins, Pritchard Tyrite is one of the UK’s leading importers, manufacturers and distributors of cargo control equipment. Pritchard Tyrite’s focus on the transport sector is neatly aligned with Certex’s wider focus on wire ropes and lifting gear in the offshore, ports, crane and other major […]

Forankra Pritchard (Previously known as Pritchard Tyrite) joins the RHA – Road Hauliers Association

The Road Haulage Association is the largest and only UK trade association dedicated to road transport. Members include companies with small, medium and large fleets operating commercial vehicles for hire or reward or as an essential ‘tool’ to distribute or transport their own goods. Being the voice of the UK transport industry and a not […]