Forankra Pritchard offers products and solutions for cargo securing, cargo optimisation and lifting.  Addressing all businesses that want to secure their products during loading, reloading and distribution – internally and externally. Both Nationally and Internationally.

Our product range is divided into four main product groups: Cargo Control, Lifting, Cargo Body Building & Tarpaulins.  Please, contact our specialists for advice and assistance to find the right cargo securing solution or product suitable for your needs.

Cargo Lashing

Cargo Lashing Equipment

When you are moving cargo you need to be sure that it is securely tied down and that’s where we come in. Forankra Pritchard have all the gear you need to keep your cargo safe from shifting in transit, saving your goods and saving you from potential prosecution.

Forankra Pritchard have a selection of lashings including claw hook ratchet lashings, D ring delta end tie down lashings, loop end ratchet lashings and rave chassis hook ratchet lashings with load capacities up to 10,000 kg. As well as endless ratchet lashings with load capacities up to 20,000 kg. Curtain-sider straps, over centre straps and bungees complete our range.

Our lashings are manufactured to the highest standards from top quality polyester webbing with a range of load capacities and each product is fully compliant with European standards BS EN 12195-2: 2001. As a quality lead BS EN ISO9001: 20015 company and with our cargo control systems in place you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your cargo is perfectly secure.

Tarpaulin over products stored outdoors

Tarpaulins and rope

Forankra Pritchard is one of the UK’s leading trade tarpaulin suppliers with over thirty years of service to the tarpaulin industry.

The Company offers a range of top quality PE poly tarps in a mix of colours, sizes and weights to meet all popular requirements. All tarpaulins are supplied with cord reinforced hems that are eyeletted at approximately one metre intervals.
The Textarp range consists of five quality types:
1. Contractors: the most popular commodity tarpaulin offering a combination of light weight, economy and value for money.
2. Standard: traditional medium weight with improved strength and longevity. White or Blue.
3. Striped: heavy duty green and white striped tarps in a range of market stall sizes. UV stabilised for longevity and colour fade protection.
4. ST Leno: a robust heavy duty builders quality tarpaulin. Green or clear transparent.
5. Heavy Duty HD: extra tough heavy duty PE tarpaulins, offering superior strength and durability. The Ultimate PE tarpaulin quality.
6. PVC: heavy duty PVC tarpaulin, available in blue ideal container or lorry cover.

Truck and Body Building

Truck and Body Building

As a direct distributor of Forankra products, Forankra Pritchard has access to an extensive range of beams and rail systems, double decking and thermos products adapted for body builders, factory fitters and coaches.
We also have access to Armaton’s full range of flak buildings, posts and locks for light to medium sized vehicles. These systems provide flexibility and functionality for both carriers and users of vehicles with up to 6 tonnes of load capacity.