Website Updated in 2019


As of January 2019, Forankra Pritchard has updated its website to the international Forankra template.  Following lengthy discussions, it was decided to ensure good synergy of the brand and the customer journey on our websites by using the same software where possible.

Mobile Friendly Website For Cargo Control

Our website is mobile friendly

"Being the UK's official distributor of Forankra products. It made logical sense to ensure that we built a closer relationship with our sister companies in Europe...  We now have instant access to the online database of shared products.  This will mean when a new innovation is introduced we can offer those products to our customers in the UK even quicker than before.  New product launches can be introduced simultaneously"

The Sales Manager for Forankra Pritchard

Said Paul Gladdish, Sales Manager, Forankra Pritchard.



Manichand Soogumbur

Marketing Manager

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