Minimum Order Value:

We have a minimum order value through our website of £50 ex VAT.  If your purchase is below this an additional £12.00, we'll be added to cover the administration costs.  This will be shown as part of the delivery fees (e.g. £27.00). 

Stock Status:

Why are the items I regularly purchase not shown instock online in stock?

As we have more than one software system talking to each other, we need to programme each to understand what the other is saying.  It’s a bit like teaching new languages.  Because of this not all our items in stock are shown live on our website.  If you find any items that have no stock status on that you would like to purchase online, please let us know and we will prioritise that product to be update for purchase via our web shop.

Please note: Stock balance is updated every 24 hours.


Lead Time:

Why is there 2 days processing? Can my item be posted today?

The majority of the time we can process orders made before noon for next day delivery If ordered before 10AM.  However, as we are new to using a web shop we want to monitor our performance to not let you down.  Therefore, we have added for now a 2-day processing time.  We are more than likely to have your order processed quicker.


Order History & Invoices:

Please contact our sales team. | 01256-224-660


Product Certification:

If any are missing, please contact our sales team. | 01256-224-660


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