Safety Trestle Tremax

What equipment should be used to prevent the trailer tipping over at the dock? 

In order to guarantee the safety of operators during loading and unloading operations at the dock , it is essential to provide your customers with a safety trestle .

The purpose of the safety trestle is to prevent the tipping of the trailer at the dock , when it is separated from the tractor.

The TREMAX is a safety trestle that can support a weight of 15 certified tons .

It has five height adjustment positions . Its installation under the trailer is quick thanks to the possibility of pre-adjustment, with pins on the chain.

The dock safety trestle has an arm-height handle for ergonomic grip and handling. The wheel system on jacks reduces the effort of movement to only 10 kg.

The distance between the 2 wheels is optimized for better stability when moving the trestle . Its ergonomics make it easy to move and set up.


  • Material: Steel


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